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Designing technologies of ALD/CVD process and related facilities
Raw material precursors play a determining role in ALD/CVD process, as the optimal method for deposition of high quality metallic and ceramic thin film at the nanoscale. In this regard, design and process recipe as well of the precursor and reactants, and set up of related facility conceptualization are the most important for the successful realization of the chemical reaction mechanism. Diversified application areas using a variety of high quality metallic and ceramic materials produced on the basis of ALD/CVD process technologies include electronic industry such as semiconductor, LCD, solar cell, LED, etc. and nanoscale materials industry as well.
Part designing technologies
Design technologies for functional parts and facilities by means both of 2D and 3D designing and simulating programs are to be applicable to facility parts including development of heater block/shower head, canister as chemical compounds storage, heating module as heating and evaporating facility, and central raw materials distribution facility.
Metal and ceramics coating technologies
ALD/CVD process and facility technology realize multi-purpose, high quality metal and ceramics coating on a wide area. Mecaro Co., Ltd. has been delivering various metallic and ceramic coating and coating technologies to fully satisfy the customer's requirement.
Thin film analysis technologies
Mecaro provides high quality nanoscale thin film evaluation services such as physical properties, purity by means of SEM/EDX, the materials evaluation facility. They deliver suitability determining criteria of the materials in a specific application area.
Quality welding technologies
Welding technologies of aluminum, stainless steels, copper, and nickel alloys.
Highly controlled welding technologies are required in semiconductor/LCD process facility parts to prevent leakage under high temperature and high vacuum condition.
The technologies are applied to welding in manufacturing of heater blocks for semiconductor/LCD processes and canisters, the precursor storage, and so forth.
High-precision machining technologies
High precision metal machining for aluminum alloys, etc. at a micrometer scale is the most important element technology in parts and equipments industry throughout all the electronic industry including semiconductor. High precision cutting technologies of various metallic and ceramic materials make it possible to accomplish quality functional parts and equipments construction.
Surface treatment technologies
Mecaro' surface treatment technologies include heater block surface AIF coating using NF3 plasma gas on heaters of CPR8 and VECTOR12.
Metallic heater manufacturing technologies
Metal alloys with high heat conductivity including low temperature aluminum heater blocks for around 475 celsius and high temperature Inconel heater blocks for around 800 celsius and metallic heaters including process heater blocks, chamber cover heaters, combustion outlet heaters, shower head heaters, etc. are employed as a heat supplier for equipments in electronic industry such as semiconductor, LCD. Integrated element technologies concerned with high precision machining, quality welding, designing, surface treatment, etc. can secure high performance of functional parts for metallic heaters.