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High purification technologies of organic and organometallic compounds
High purification using high vacuum distillation and sublimation method is the key purification technology for manufacture of organic and organometallic compounds for precursors for ALD/CVD process and electronic materials such as OLED. It can be widely employed in fine chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, catalytic chemistry, and so forth.
Organometallic compound Synthesis technologies
Perfect seal out of atmosphere by means of a specially designed synthesis reactor is the key technology to manufacture organometallic compounds which are highly sensitive to moisture and oxygen. The technology is applied to chemical processes using spontaneous, water prohibitive, and explosive compounds as the raw materials or synthesis of user-customized substances of very high concern.
ALD/CVD precursor designing technologies
ALD/CVD process is the optimal method for deposition of high quality metallic and ceramic thin film at the nanoscale while its precursor design technology is fundamental for success of the process. The most critical is chemical simulation of the process mechanism in order to make suitable the physical properties of deposited film for actual facilities in real process.
Fine chemistry analysis technologies
As fundamental analysing methods in electronic materials development, trace analysis of compounds up to a ppt scale using ICP-MS, organic materials analysis such as NMR, GC, HPLC, and TGA/DSC evaluation are aimed at analysing compound purity and their physical properties suitable to their application purposes. The technologies can be widely applicable to analyses of organic and inorganic materials and special gases as well as general compounds.
Level measurement technologies
A ultrasonic level sensor system with an error rate of 0.1 % or less has been developed to control reliability level of specialty chemicals for electronic industry. Mecaro has secured its stability in extremely severe condition of high temperature, high pressure, vacuum, and fluid fluctuation to expand its application in various areas.
Impurity control technologies
Some parts and materials for electronic industry including semiconductors require ultra super purity in some application and that is why cleaning and clean technologies are required in their synthesis and highly purifying processes. In most cases, technologies are inevitable to control ppt-scale metallic impurities and pollutants under 0.05 um. Impurity control technology can be developed as fundamental technologies which lay the foundation for various electronic industries and bio industries. It can provide parts, compound containers(canisters), and valves requiring high degree of purity with cleaning service to eliminate impurities in them.