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Business Introduction

We will reward consumers with the best quality.

Mecaro Co., Ltd. has produced and supplied optimal semiconductor
parts to customers through continuous research and development
during last decade and is the best special manufacturer of
Heater Block and Chemical Precursor authorized in
semiconductor spare parts.
Major products are Process Heater Block for semiconductor,
usceptor and Ground strap for LCD, and Cemical Precursor
family used in film deposition for MOCVD and ALD.
Based on high-end technology and know how differentiated
from other companies,we has supplied good quality products
to domestic and foreign semiconductor mass production lines.
In addition, all staffs of Mecaro are doing our best to provide
customers the highest value with management philosophy
challenging zero defect rate. In order to stretch Mecaro to
further mature company.
in future, we intend to accomplish ceaseless technology
development, human resource cultivation,
and management innovation.
  • Process Heater technology : know-how on heater in the process chamber
  • Source technology : Precursor synthesis and purification/analysis technology
  • Device technology : Required unit process film design technology
  • Hardware technology : Designing and manufacturing of equipments for precursor deposition

Provides high class service differentiated from other companies by supplying Process Heater Block and Process Precursor