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Post-processing Phase

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Metallization Process
This is a process to connect each circuit formed on a wafer surface with aluminum wire. Recently a method to use copper wire instead of aluminum wire is being developed.
Automatic Selection of Water(EDS Test)
By testing electric operation of IC chips formed on a wafer with computer, defects are selected automatically.
Wafer Cutting(Sawing)
A wafer is cut off for separating a number of chips on the wafer using a diamond saw.
Die Bonding
This is a process to attach chips determined as good products in EDS test among individually separated chips to a lead frame.
Wire Bonding
process to connect between external device connection terminal inside of a chip and a lead frame with a thin gold wire.
This is a process to seal the connected gold wire part with chemical resin to protect it and a semiconductor device is finally completed. Through this process, it has a shape as like black centipede feet that we usually see. After wrapping the chip and the connection gold wire with plastic or ceramic material to protect it, product name, a unique number, or a manufacturer’s mark is printed on top of it.
Final Test
Electrical features and functions of finished semiconductor are analyzed finally. After applying high static electricity compulsively, it is tested whether the product operates properly and endures well at high or low humidity