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변함없는 고객감동의 정신으로 창의적인 개술개발과 지속적인 경영혁신을 통하여 고객과 모든 이해관계자와 공동의 이익을 추구하는 성숙한기업으로 도약해 나가겠습니다.

  • 2016~
  • 2011~2015
  • 2006~2010
  • 1999~2005
2020 2020.11 Aquired 100% stock share of KVTS (Main business : Valve)
2020.10 Selected as one of 100 hidden champion corporoations for parts, material, equipment.
2020.03 2019 Won the Eumseonog taxpayer award.
2019 2019.12 Head Office(Pyeong Taek) completion
2019.11 Mecaro Energy Corporation established(physical division)
2019.09 Acquire share Kofi R&D Corporation(the largest shareholder)
2019.06 Eumsung Chemical factory(M2) completion
2019.05 Change of affiliation in KOSDAQ(Venture->Superiority company)
2018 2018.11 Awarded ‘One hundred million Corporation’ prize
2018.10 Awarded ‘2017 well established enterpriser” prize
2018.10 Awarded Chungcheongbuk-do grand prize
2018.10 Awarded prime minister citation prize
2018.02 Obtain ISO22301 certification
2017 2017.12 Listed on the KOSDAQ
2017.11 Awarded Grand prize of Main Biz management innovation
2016 2016.11 Awarded 'Excellent Company' by NCS Enterprise Leverage Consulting
2016.04 Successful mass production of new high-k precursor for semiconductor DRAM capacitors
2015 2015.07 Nominated as Advanced Technology Center(ATC)( Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
2015.02 Awarded an excellent company(Mayor of Pyeongtaek)
2015.01 Changed the company name from Mecaronics Co., Ltd to Mecaro Co., Ltd
2013 2013.12 Awarded ’$10 million export trophy on trade day.
2013.10 Awarded by minister on semiconductor day (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
2013.09 Awarded by minister on semiconductor day (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
Selected as ‘2013 employment hope company’(INNO Biz association/Maekyung media group)
2012 2012.11 Prime Minister's Award for Venture enable sector at 2012 Korea Ventrure Start-up
2012.10 제2사업장 준공(충북음성)
2012.10 Research Director Award from Ministry at 2012 Green Technology Forurm (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology)
2011 2011.11 Awarded 41th The minister of Knowledge Economy prize for korea precise industry technology competition.
2011.10 병무청 지정 산업체 선정(인천경기지방병무청)
모곡동 본사 사업장 매입
제4회 반도체의 날 이재정 대표이사 장관 표창(지식경제부)
2011.08 Increased capital(3,767백만원 : 유상증자)
2011.07 수출강소기업 인증(기업은행)
2011.03 Established a subsidiary company(MECHA-CERA)
2010 2010.11 Awarded ‘5Million Export Tower' in the Trade DAY
2010.06 Increased capital (3,392백만원 : 무상증자)
2010.04 Selected as a good small and medium business in technology development (SMBA)
Established a local subsidiary in Taiwan, Mecharonics Taiwan
2010.02 Obtained a certification of good job company (Gyeonggi provincial governor)
2009 2009.11 Selected as a promising export small and medium business (Gyeonggi Local SMBA)
Awarded ‘Million Export Tower' in the Trade DAY
2009.10 Obtained MAIN-BIZ certification
2009.05 Moved Head Office (Jisan-dong, Pyeongtaek-si -> Mogok-dong, Pyeongtaek-si)
SK계열사 제외(지분정리), 대주주 변경
2008 2008.03 SK계열사 편입 (모기업 솔믹스 대주주(SKC) 변경)
2007 2007.10 Increased capital (848 million won: Capital Increase with Consideration)
Obtained INNO-BIZ certification
2007.06 Obtained ISO 14001:2004 certification (CerBiz QM)
2007.04 벤처기업 갱신 등록(벤처투자기업)
2006 2006.12 Registered as a subcontractor of Samsung Electronics
2006.08 대표이사 변경(정태성 대표이사 -> 이재정 대표이사)
2006.04 Increased capital (789 million won: Capital Increase with Consideration)
2005 2005.11 Increased capital (623 million won : 전환사채 전환) 솔믹스(주) 계열 편입
2005.05 Registered as a venture company (Research and development company: Gyeonggi Local SMBA)
2004 2004.12 Received a bronze prize in “commercialization of patent technology” supervised by KIPA
Selected as a project company for Gyeonggi Next Growth Motive Technology Development
2004.09 Obtained authorization of part material special company (the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
2003 2003.06 Obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification (WQA)
2002 2002.12 기술개발시범기업 지정(기업은행)
2002.05 엘지필립스 업체등록
2002.04 Obtained authorization of company subsidiary laboratory
2002.03 Executed the first increase of capital fund (capital after capital increase 450 million won)
엘지필립스와 서셉터 개발 계약(AKT 장비용 서셉터)
2001 2001.11 Registered venture company (Gyeonggi SMBA) in heater blocks for semiconductor and susceptor for LCD
2001.05 사업장 이전(인천시 -> 화성시)
2000 2000.12 Registered as a subcontractor of Hynix Semiconductor
2000.11 Founded the corporation of Mecaronics (catal 1 million won)
2000.05 산업자원부 TBI 지원업체 선정(반도체용 열 전척)
1999 1999.10 Founded the corporation of Mecharonics.