We will reward consumers with the best quality.


We do a key role in the high-tech industry with the products containing a unique technology and soul. We exist to improve our quality of life.

Core Value

To do our best with passion in all areas and constantly innovate based on positive and creative thouhts.


All employees are proud of Mecaro
Through constant innovation, mecaro creates step ahead culture and gives various personal growth opportunities.
Mecaro does not stop growing
As a world-class company, we respect the traditions and will be a permanent company.
Happy company does not have a retirement
Through continuous self-development and ownership, we will be with you to the end responsibly.
A competent person
taking the initiative and setting an example not worrying about failure
with open mind.
A competent person
exploring the new things
with an open mind
and an indomitable spirit.
A competent person intensively achieving
with a pleasant mind setting the challenging target based
on firm belief.
A competent person incessantly pursuing
new and various change and generating a sustainable growth aggressively.